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Keywords: God Suicide authority suffering conflict literature morality religion symbolics death

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Małgorzata Krakowiak

Deep abysses of temporalness. Andrzej Stasiuk in the front of Death.

Cite: Małgorzata Krakowiak, Głębokie szczeliny doczesności. Andrzej Stasiuk wobec śmierci, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2016( 26) nr 3, s. 9-24.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.26.1

Andrzej Stasiuk belongs to the authors interested in problematic of Death. His texsts osscilate between the fascination and feeling of helpless. Exploration of death phenomena is a part of looking for sense of the human being in general. Stasiuk expresses this interest in two ways: in his novels and fictional adaptations. In unexpected epiphany episodes (for example description of the privy in Dukla) one can see the consciousness of transcendency. Very often is present the demand for naïve empiricism. The heroes of Stasiuk’s when observing, spying and testing aspire to death reification, and of course to the human person itself. They don’t get any answer on the questions referring to essence of death and what is on the “other side” because they make the logic mistake – the writer itself declares as “religious nature” and doesn’t present the negation of transcendency. The Staiuk’s heroes (and himself) look into deep abysses of temporalness to feel the “scent of God” (R. Przybylski, Et in Arkadia ego). They know(from the culture) that it has to be there but can’t feel it.

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