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Keywords: media education information internet media science methodology responsibility press radio television digital television health

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Sławomir Gawroński

Evaluating the perception of mass media as a source of information of healthy lifestyles

Cite: Sławomir Gawroński, Ocena postrzegania mediów masowych jako źródła informacji w zakresie zdrowego stylu życia, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 28) nr 1, s. 9-23.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.28.1

Nowadays mass media respond to the needs of healthy lifestyle programs. You can find out there how to apply a diet, what kind of physical activity to take, what to avoid and what to strive for. Mass media, mainly the Internet, television and radio, offer high value of educational and health promotion in the field of public health. They are important because they are public and universal, and thus have a strong impact on the level of knowledge and social awareness. The problem presented in the article is the identification and evaluation of respondents' opinions about the role of the media as a source of information in the context of a healthy lifestyle. The subject of the study was an analysis of the influence of different types of mass media on education and health promotion. The method of the diagnostic survey on the group of respondents from the area of Tarnów was used in the study. The analysis of the test results was based on Kruskal-Wallis statistics. The largest relationships in this area were found with regard to the Internet and online forums, which were the most important for younger people, women, rural citizens, and people with higher education level. As a source of information on health-promoting lifestyles, the men, educated people, middle-aged and rural residents were reported by the press. On the other hand, the quality and usefulness of the information provided by the mass media concerning this issue was most appreciated by younger people, rural and smaller town citizens as well as university graduates.

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prof. nadzw. dr hab. Sławomir Gawroński

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prof. nadzw. dr hab. inż. Jan Krupa

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Dr inż. Andrzej Mantaj

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