Keywords: Erich Fromm Richard Yates Family Sam Mendes narrativity postmodernism theater cultural participation

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Natalia Kotarba

„They have been always strength”. The complementary analyze of „Revolutionary Road „– Richard Yates` novel and Sam Mendes adaptation in context of Erich Fromm „Patology of normalcy”.

Cite: Natalia Kotarba, „Oni zawsze byli dziwni”. Analiza komplementarna powieści Richarda Yatesa "Revolutionary Road" i jej ekranizacji w reż. Sama Mendesa w świetle "Patologii codzienności" Ericha Fromma, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 28) nr 1, s. 33-49.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.28.3

The subject of this article is to analyze comparatistic novel by Richard Yates plot Revolutionary Road and its screening of director Sam Mendes. The story of this distinguished several thematic circles: the development of the marriage relationship, Wheelers and the rest of society, "table scene", the house - a trap, theme road. The entire analysis (broken to the above paragraphs, each devoted to thematic circles) and will be focused around the issues and marriage - family and socio custom entanglement of relativity concepts and standard / deviation. The methodological basis of the article are the arguments contained in the work of Erich Fromm pathology of normalcy. Both the novel and its screening report the events taking place in America '50s, but it raised problems turn out to be universal, so today (today) the current and worthy of reflection.

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