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KMT 2011 nr 4 Download PDF

Norbert Mojżyn

Visual Media’s Approach to M. Kaddafi’s Death from the Perspective of the Anthropology of Images

Cite: Norbert Mojżyn , Obrazy medialne i media obrazowe wobec śmierci M. Kaddafiego (z punktu widzenia antropologii obrazu), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2011( 7) nr 4, s. 64-72.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.7.5

There are many categories of visual media. All of them are based on pictures. The article presents a range of questions relating to the anthropological study of visuality. The analysis of relations and interactions between pictures and people is the subject of anthropology. It shows that the human being is not only the creator of pictures but also the object which is created by them. The article discusses Muammar Kaddafi’s death to extrapolate the anthropology of images from the visual culture. The act of dying is one of the most important issues discussed by anthropology, because death is a universal phenomenon ending the existence of the human being. The death of M. Kaddafi indicated the role of visual media, not only as the tools of image transmission, but also as the instruments of making a profound impact on people through images. The author of the article expresses the opinion that the phenomena of death, body destruction and passing time are universal and evergreen topics in the modern visual media.

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Ks. dr Norbert Mojżyn

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