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Keywords: kod interpretation message visual culture methodology picture reinterpretacja semiologia znak visuality

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Methods of testing visual messages

Cite: , Metody badań komunikatów wizualnych, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2019( 36) nr 1, s. 77-90.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.36.4

One of the most important features of popular culture is its visual nature, the dominance of images over transfers verbal. Modern civilization has become an iconic civilization in which the paramount is what visible sight is favored as the primary sense. The specificity iconography of popular culture is its entertaining nature, fun, puzzling, grooming and deceiving the recipient. Iconosphere, by multiplication, but also the color is dynamic, draws the attention to social influences on human actions, behavior, attitudes and social roles. It’s mainly a function aestheticizing meet that often unreal reality and manipulates the audience. Iconosphere operates images and symbols, that are ambiguous do not always have their counterparts verbal or are difficult to translate into words. In modern humanities occurred iconic phrase (G. Bohm, J. C. Alexander), which means that the images are formed special point orientation of intellectual inquiry. They become a central topic of discussion in the humanities, as formerly language, which led to the creation of visual culture studies (Visual Culture Studies) and discussion on complex research methods visual messages, which takes the author in this article.

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