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Keywords: Suicide suffering discourse interpretation literature love morality identity death

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Aleksandra Dębska-Kossakowska

Triumph over poignant solitude. Herling-Grudziński relates to a secret of suicide.

Cite: Aleksandra Dębska-Kossakowska, Zwycięstwo nad dojmującą samotnością. Herling-Grudziński wobec tajemnicy samobójstwa, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2016( 26) nr 3, s. 96-106.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.26.5

The problem of suicide of Herling-Grudziński is taken into account in the article. Referring to records of Dziennik pisany nocą, biographical facts which author recalls but most importantly, he recalls literary creation Szczyt lata. Opowieść rzymska a path of writer is reconstructed to approach to a secret of boundary situation „when – as he expressed this himself – dumbness of universe shocks”, “putting human hearts into irrevocable morass of darkness”. Characters of this work remain in power of abyss but also many others. In this situation – when „curtains which cover the God thicken to the utmost” – a character and also narrator of Szczyt lata triumphs over poignant vacuum and solitude.

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