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Keywords: Adam Mickiewicz spirituality hermeneutics heterodoxy

KMT 2021 nr 4 Download PDF

Roads to the Centre. On Adam Mickiewicz’s Sentences and Remarks

Cite: , Drogi do centrum. Rzecz o Zdaniach i uwagach Adama Mickiewicza, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2021( 48) nr 4, s. 285-307.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.48.12

Mickiewicz’s „Sentences and Remarks” leave the reader to choose a suitable, individual strategy of reception of this, seemingly simple, poetic cycle. The purpose of this article is to prove that there is a unifying meaning behind the multiple paths leading to the comprehension: the centre designed by the author, which readers can find on a deeper hermeneutic level. When we get there, the fundamental sense turns out to be a moral message. Maxims, often of heterodox origin, build a space within words that at the same time hides (among a multitude of gnomes) and reveals (when we finally leave various stages of reception behind) the demand for reader’s fight against evil. With the vicinity and the power of Satan, this struggle, as it is clearly expressed in the cycle, can end in an unquestionable spiritual victory provided men make an effort to find God.

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Ryszard Klimko

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