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Keywords: Positio Stanisław Streich Summarium Documentorum beatification martyrdom

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For the price of the priestly blood of Father Stanisław Streich. “The Lubon Crime” in the light of the beatification process documents

Cite: , Za cenę kapłańskiej krwi ks. Stanisława Streicha. „Zbrodnia lubońska” w świetle dokumentów procesu beatyfikacyjnego, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2022( 50) nr 2, s. 106-129.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.50.6

Despite the passage of years, the murder of Fr. Stanisław Streich – the parish priest of Luboń on February 27, 1938, is still intriguing. All the levels of the crime have political, philosophical and social significance, and they derive from its motives and are closely related to each other. Moreover, they can be known because of the multitude of documents and archival materials that have survived to this day. The murdered priest – a martyr for his faith, who died at the hands of the communist criminal Wawrzyniec Nowak, was a sacrificial priest who fully lived in devotion and service to the Church in difficult times. In the parish of st. John Bosco in Luboń, over the years, numerous initiatives have been created aimed at the beatification process of the Servant of God, which began on October 28, 2017. After the one and a half years of work of the Tribunal, the Historical Commission and the Censors Theologians Commission, on April 13, 2019, in the church of st. John Bosco in Luboń, the last public session was held ending the diocesan process of Fr. Stanisław Streich. Extensive procedural documentation, almost 3,500 pages, has been prepared for submission to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. For this reason, the basic work of the postulator at the Roman stage was the preparation of the Positio, which is the basic document of work in studying and deepening a given matter. The entire Positio super martyrio Servi Dei Stanislai Streich was designed in such a way that it could be enough to form an objective judgment for expert historians and theologians, and then for members of the Congregation, to gain moral certainty thanks to the collected evidence in answering the initial dubium, which in the process of martyrdom of Fr. Stanisław Streich reads as follows: “Has the martyrdom, its cause and the opinion of martyrdom been proven to the extent that is the case?” The answer to the above question is possible not only after a thorough analysis of the testimonies of witnesses, but most of all after the substantive deepening and analysis of the entire trial documentation, which is reflected in one of the parts of the Positio, namely in the Summarium Documentorum.

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Wojciech Mueller

ORCID: 0000-0002-1354-7190

Rev. dr Wojciech Mueller, priest of the Archdiocese of Poznań, doctor of theological sciences, freelance employee of the Faculty of Theology of Adam Mickiewicz University, member of the Collegio dei postulatori in Rome, postulator in two beatification processes of candidates for altars from the Poznań Archdiocese: followers – the Servant of God rev. Aleksander Woźny and a martyr – the Servant of God, rev. Stanisław Streich. Latest publications: Mueller W., „Sacerdos et Hostia. Rev. Stanisław Streich – Martyr for the cause of Christ”, Poznań 2021. Mueller W., „Whoever seeks truth seeks God. Edith Stein and Judaism”, Poznań 2021.

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