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Klaudia Cymanow-Sosin

Creation of the image a non-profit institution on the example of a church university - selected public relations tools

Cite: Klaudia Cymanow-Sosin, Budowanie wizerunku instytucji niekomercyjnej na przykładzie uczelni kościelnej – wybrane narzędzia public relations, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 30) nr 3, s. 9-29.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.30.1

The paper presents the results of research concerning the evaluation of four basic types of image, on the example of a scientific institution, the University of the Pope John Paul II in Cracow. The main aim was to make a diagnosis of the current image of the university, and to obtain detailed opinions on the tools that respondents think should be used to build a proper university visibility strategy. The hypothesis that ecclesial teachings shape the right image based mainly on recommendation and direct contact with the audience has been partially verified positively and extended to other tools: corporate identity and media relations. As a result of the survey conducted using the questionnaire survey, using the Likert scale, is based on indicators that are constructed from average answers to questions, and scaling of responses has allowed prediction of proposed PR tools and proposals for using the most effective methods. In the foreground there was media mediated communication - primarily on the basis of the Network and electronic media. According to the respondents, the reputation of the university and concern for its reputation among the young generation of multimedia users can most effectively be realized in social media. The side-effect of the research is the opinion that compatibility, consistency and relevance within visual identification and in media contacts are factors that, in respondents' view, help in building a good relationship with the environment.

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