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Małgorzata Kunicka

Karol Wojtyla`s Thomistic-Phenomenological Concept of Personalism Regarding the Crisis of Values and Contemporary Educational Needs.

Cite: Małgorzata Kunicka, Tomistyczno-fenomenologiczna koncepcja personalizmu Karola Wojtyły wobec kryzysu wartości i współczesnych potrzeb edukacyjnych, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 30) nr 3, s. 174-183.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.30.10

A reductionist vision of man dominating in the modern world reduces him to the material dimension and ignores the inalienable right of child as a person to education which is a realisation of the humanity being inherent in him / her. A child, as a frame of reference for the axionormative system, must have a clearly defined behaviour pattern and a functioning system that strengthens his / her positive behaviour and prevents negative behaviour. Therefore, a thorough diagnosis and restoration of the tradition of personalistic pedagogy, as well as the return of of its assumptions in educational practice, is needed today more than ever. This paper is a presentation of Karol Wojtyła’s thomistic-phenomenological concept of personalism as a proposal for changing the philosophy of education being practised.

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