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Keywords: Future of the civilization Family disinformation children children philosophy gender woman manipulation morality masculinity young people attitude psychology identity identity education

KMT 2014 nr 4 Download PDF

Małgorzata Kunicka

A New Cultural Paradigm. In the Interest of (in)harmonious Child Development (part 2)

Cite: Małgorzata Kunicka, Nowy paradygmat kulturowy. W trosce o (nie)harmonijny rozwój dziecka (cz. 2), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2014( 19) nr 4, s. 93-106.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.19.6

Harmonious child development may be disturbed by sowing anxiety and doubt about sexuality in children's hearts and minds. If sex, which is a gift of nature, is considered as a quality limiting a human freedom and culture become separated from the human nature, a human being may only be reduced to a “cultural fact”. Gender philosophy, based on such a new paradigm, rejects the existence of the constant and changeless bases of human sexuality, undermines the existence of the natural law, questions the human nature and contests the commonly recognised standards and values. So, in the interest of the integrity of child development, it is necessary to aim at minimizing the influence of groups proclaiming the conception of supposed „gender entanglement”.

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Dr Małgorzata Kunicka

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