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Keywords: Movie Visual media media education culture visual culture modernism picture relativism folk religiosity symbolics

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Katarzyna E. Zabratańska

Folk Religiosity as a value – between paganism and Christianity in the film by Jan Jakub Kolski "Wonderful Place" (1995)

Cite: Katarzyna E. Zabratańska, Religijność ludowa w systemie wartości – między pogaństwem a chrześcijaństwem w filmie Jana Jakuba Kolskiego „Cudowne miejsce” (1995), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 14) nr 3, s. 20-47.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.14.2

The article presents degradation of traditional religion values in the context of modernization and post-modernization processes. The example that describes of relativism of values is film of John Jacob Kolski “Wonderful place” that explore confrontation of rural community and contemporary reality. The revitalization of the role of religion in contemporary society is a consequence of that identity vacuum produced by the failure of modern thought, especially the reduction of the universal horizon that came to draw secular humanism. This loss of identity and the consequent weakening of social bonds linked to sharing that vision, simply explains the rise of religion in our time, and the phenomenon of the so-called religious conversion. The more the social model of voters/consumers advance, and the more the religion of the market are implemented, the greater and more radical and intense is the return to religious or the so-called traditional ideological values. The societies are suffering in some way the pathologies of their leaders. Regressive visions produce regressive societies and the nostalgia of the confessional state has produced a more insecure society, unable to cope with the contemporary life, more frightened about the future. But nostalgia will have to learn to live with those who now look forward and are cultivating their precise identity, yearning to live in a contemporary and educated society.

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