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Keywords: internet communication znaczenie filozofia jakość life

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A Philosophical view of Internet Communication

Cite: , A Philosophical view of Internet Communication, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2019( 36) nr 1, s. 92-102.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.36.5

The Internet, with its brilliant capacity to accumulate, classify, and distribute a vast amount of data, has exploded into an incredible colossus. Our world is hard to imagine without it. The paper “A Philosophical view of Internet Communication” examines the question of whether and to what extent the Internet corresponds to the actual needs of man and society. This presentation captures the Internet’s overwhelming impact, but it does not even address some of its serious shortcomings. The Internet has served and enriched the generation that built it, but the coming generation has no concept of a world without the Internet. What does this mean? It is true that the young “internet” generation teaches the older “non- internet” generation easily and with certitude but can no longer make sense of its own unique life with similar ease. It is not the most important thing in life to be proficient in computer matters. What is of greater concern is that these skills in the younger generation are receding into the background vis-à-vis the fact that young people understand neither themselves nor others? Does the “computer culture” produce some sort of vacuum in the mind of man? How is it possible that a seven-year-old child can write comprehensible texts on a computer, but cannot go to school because it can ́t go to the toilet by itself? What happened to the “rose” cultivated by Little Prince of Saint-Exupery?

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