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Keywords: Benedict XVI God Pope Francis John Paul II Vatican dechristianization clergy evangelization church secular area holy area religion

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Czesław Parzyszek

Renewal of the Modern World Through the Work of the New Evangelization

Cite: Czesław Parzyszek, Odnowa współczesnego świata przez dzieło nowej ewangelizacji, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2014( 16) nr 1, s. 101-119.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.16.7

Popes: Blessed John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis in many different places and circumstances, illustrated the image of the modern world and its consequent risks of human dignity and family. They claimed that we live in a world, which not only ignores the Gospel but also is often rejected by it. The struggle for the “soul of the world” is happening here and now. False hierarchy of values, crisis of truth, conscience and freedom is clearly visible. All of this leads to the de-Christianization of the modern world. Warning of the dechristianization danger is directed towards Christianity itself and towards human realities created by Christians. The most endangered with dechristianization is Christian marriage, Catholic family, Christian nation, and society, which in its structures and institutions grew out of Christianity, and above all the Church itself in its youth, vitality, and missionary and apostolic dynamism. In such situation the Popes: blessed John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis asked themselves how to renew the face of the earth, how to effectively proclaim the Gospel today in order to contribute to the renewal of the modern world? In what way? In what language? They unanimously stated that the only effective means of renewal of the modern world is the work of the new evangelization. The time for new evangelization has come. The new evangelization is the proclamation of the Gospel, which is always new and is always bearing new, which must be pursued new in its ardour, new in its methods, and new in its means of expression. Foremost, the new evangelization defines Christian attitude, it is an act of trust in Christ who makes all things new. It is also an act of courage and enthusiasm to change the face of the earth. Finally, it is a Christian joyful proof that the Gospel is always current. The Saving message of Jesus Christ needs new evangelizers. Lifestyle of believers needs a genuine credibility.

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