Keywords: Bishop Jan Chrapek Social doctrine

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Ryszard Gołąbek

Nauczanie społeczne biskupa Jana Chrapka

Cite: Ryszard Gołąbek, Nauczanie społeczne biskupa Jana Chrapka, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2011( 5) nr 2, s. 93-107.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.5.8

Bishop Jan Chrapek is mostly known as a media expert. There is much less knowledge about his achievements in social teachings of the Church. Disregarding this issue gives incomplete and incoherent view about a man very deeply involved in different areas of Church activity. First of all, he was Pastor of the Church with intense interest of every aspect of social life. This sensitivity helped him precisely verbalize every poverty which he came across. They were contained mainly in the four extensive Letters. He also undertook real actions mobilizing all the people of good will who he met. It should be noted that his pastoral ministry as an Ordinary in diocese of Radom fully shown how rich inside Bishop Jan had been. All his knowledge and wisdom was successfully used to show the great love of God to people and also to show necessity of human cooperation with divine grace to “subdue the earth”. He made it always in the right form. Knowing media and the use of interpersonal communication, he could obtain the best results. This study aims to show these aspects of life and activity of the Bishop.

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