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KMT 2015 nr 4 Download PDF

Agnieszka Roguska

The place of local media in the Internet reality

Cite: Agnieszka Roguska, Miejsce mediów lokalnych w internetowej rzeczywistości, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2015( 23) nr 4, s. 44-60.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.23.3

In the opinion of the author, the Internet becomes more and more local. The Internet is the not only tool of communicating, but also space of accumulating, passing on and the meeting the most different contents. Those the market of variety is the perfect opportunity to appearing and the exit of local media the pose the own area of activity. It is also a place to seek a new formula of operation. The space local media co-creates the space global media, with the same influencing on mediumistic shape of world at all. In large of the part thanks to internet, we get to know the different cultures, men, interesting corners of world, region, or the closest neighborhood. Internet permits to get to know in interesting us local colour of given place, that genius loci and to acquaint with him. The social enterprise, local initiatives or the actions of different kind, they have chances to meet with wider interest thanks to internet just. Internet this is tool which men's can distribute or to unite. However it with certainty brings closer under every figure, resulting with local traditions the and conditioning, prejudices, fears, stereotypes, variety but also the curiosity, educational needs of, spiritual, denominational, franknesses in cognition in culture the changes and the man's behaviours. The article contains the benefit of local media presence in the virtual space.

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