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Keywords: Digital radio internet radio analogue radio

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Programming in traditional radio Vs. digital radio. COPE case study

Cite: , La programación en la radio tradicional Vs. la radio digital. Estudio de caso de la COPE, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2018( 33) nr 2, s. 8-38.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.33.1

The radio media, like other media, has gone through a stage of technological and digital changes and revolutions. The radio is a medium that has been able to adapt to the new uses and consumption of an audience that no longer listens to the radio as before. Now it is the radio listeners who decide how, where and when to inform themselves and programming is a fundamental element when issuing the content and how to do it. The present investigation is based on the analysis of sixteen radio programs of the broadcaster COPE, listened to during a specific period of time in order to establish the comparisons between the programming followed by the traditional radio broadcasts and those broadcast exclusively through the online channel. On the occasion of the arrival of the Internet and social networks to our society and to the radio, it is important to determine the importance of programming when it comes to attracting the audience, since it has gone from being passive to becoming an information producer and of contents. The receivers are now users of a service with which they have begun to interact and this is why the content programming varies according to radio through waves or digital radio. The radio genres, the sections of each program or the content they share with their audience are some of the aspects that define the characteristic image and specific programming of a radio station.

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