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Keywords: philosophy communicative intention interpretation communication culture culturalism transmission model of communication

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Emanuel Kulczycki, Michał Wendland

On Culturalist Communication Theory

Cite: Emanuel Kulczycki, Michał Wendland, O kulturalistycznej teorii komunikacji, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2014( 16) nr 1, s. 9-25.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.16.1

The purpose of the article is to propose a culturalist approach to communication. In this perspective, the emphasis is put on the interpretability of action and the communicative intention which is understood in terms of anti-psychologism. Classic approaches to communication studies are founded on the transmission model of communication. In this model, the process of communication is understood as transferring and sending messages. A constitutive model of communication is an alternative approach. It rejects the transfer metaphor in favor of communication understood as a social interaction. The culturalist approach does not reject the transfer metaphor entirely, but rather points to the necessity of its overcoming its theoretical limitations. For that reason, the paper puts forward the category of communicators understood as specific social actors. The presentation of the culturalist definition of communication is, therefore, preceded by an explication of the basic philosophical assumptions. The analysis of several exemplary communication practices illustrates reflection on communication that is based on the culturalist assumptions.

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Emanuel Kulczycki

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