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Keywords: God Social doctrine clergy church attitude religion justice trolling

KMT 2017 nr 2 Download PDF

Piotr Wajs

Hejting and trolling in the context of canons 1364 and 1369 of the Code of Canon Law.

Cite: Piotr Wajs, Hejting i trolling w kontekście kanonów 1364 i 1369 Kodeksu Prawa Kanonicznego, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 29) nr 2, s. 127-143.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.29.9

Comparing canon law with heating and trolling may cause the impression of two different worlds. However social media posts may be marked with the stigma of heresy, apostasy or schism. The penalty for these crimes predict by the canon 1364 is the latae sententiae excommunication. This article is intended, to show theoretical possibilities of enforcing this punishment for internet comments. Authors of the code of canon law indicate its evangelical genesis. Therefore, excommunication is a punishment used only as a last resort. The analysis depicts that, church superiors prefer reach for retribution of media statements ban, witch may be the effect of the canon 1369. No adapting to it results in suspense penalty witch stems from the lack of obedience and the media statements that discredit The Church's good name. Tłum. Sonia Stefańska.

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