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Keywords: "Głos Podlaski" Spain Siedlce catholic press civil war

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“You have to save the Christian civilization, which is threatened with destruction” – about the situation of the Church and the Catholic community in Spain during the Civil War (1936–1939) in the accounts of “Głos Podlaski”

Cite: , „Trzeba ratować cywilizację chrześcijańską, której zagraża zagłada” – o sytuacji Kościoła i społeczności katolickiej w Hiszpanii w okresie wojny domowej (1936–1939) w relacjach „Głosu Podlaskiego”, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2023( 53) nr 1, s. 56-72.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.53.3

The topic of the civil war in Spain appeared many times in the pages of Głos Podlaski, a weekly published by the diocesan curia in Siedlce. The press texts most often took the form of short messages about the situation at the front or extensive descriptions of the internal situation, including, in particular, the persecution of the Catholic Church, both clergy and lay people, and the destruction of property belonging to it. Readers of the weekly newspaper found out from their magazine that the authorities and armed forces of the Spanish republic are a threat to Christian civilization. In turn, General Franco was presented as a defender of this civilization. The descriptions of the situation in Spain were also intended to sensitize readers to manifestations of communist and anarchist agitation in Poland and to prepare them to counteract this agitation.

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