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Keywords: God Conciliation Poland Forgiveness spirituality feminism philosophy judaism woman church attitude holy area religion sacrum

KMT 2014 nr 4 Download PDF

Marta Arbatowska

Edith Stein – Saint and Feminist?

Cite: Marta Arbatowska, Edyta Stein – święta i feministka?, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2014( 19) nr 4, s. 9-24.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.19.1

Edith Stein – a Jew and a Christian announced as saint by John Paul II is often referred to as a„feminist”. In this article I would like to determine whether the attitude of E. Husserl's student is really compatible with the assumptions of the feminism. Edith Stein was obviously involved in actions initiated by Women's Movement and her commitment was strictly connected with challenges of the beginning of the XX century. On the basis of her works one can precisely describe her attitude towards the „women question”. It is a coherent apology based on the Christian religion. The analysis of her biography and works leads to a conclusion that the German philosopher was definitely not compatible with feminism which had already became radical ideology in the interwar times. In order to avoid incorrect associations with the ideological feminism, I suggest another term: „apology of the woman” which does not impose stereotypical associations.

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