Keywords: cyberbullying digital exclusion media education media science

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Anna Kaczmarek

Media education to threats cyberbullying and digital exclusion

Cite: Anna Kaczmarek, Edukacja medialna wobec zagrożeń cyberprzemocy i cyfrowego wykluczenia, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 13) nr 2, s. 68-81.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.13.5

Using the Internet today becomes a necessity. However the level of knowledge and use of modern technical equipment by internauts is unequal. This problem creates the social inequalities. The aim of the analysis is to identify the need for media education among citizens so that they could find themselves in virtual reality and reap the benefits of the Network. The subject of discussion is the effect of new technologies on modern life. The essay also raises an issue of the lack of skills, critical and selective use of the mass media both by children and adults.

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