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Keywords: Pope Francis Catholic Church Apostolic journeys internet opinion leaders mission new media

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Apostolic journeys of Pope Francis, including missionary ones, in the most important national websites (2018)

Cite: , Apostolische Auslandsreisen von Papst Franziskus, darunter Missionsreisen, in den wichtigsten nationalen Internetportalen (Jahr 2018), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2020( 40) nr 1, s. 116-151.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.40.6

In its activity, the Church used and uses the media, not only defined as Christian but also as secular ones. In history, along with technological development, these were: magazines, radio, television, and finally internet media. This last medium quite effectively displaces previously used and becomes a place of communication of thoughts. The undertaken research analyzed the most important opinion forming portals in Poland (,, www.,, and in terms of publishing texts regarding four foreign apostolic journeys unconfirmed. Second: “Preparation of clergy to use new media and to inform about issues related to the Church is appropriate” – is unconfirmed; and the third: “The amount of information and information on foreign pilgrimages is insufficient” – confirmed.

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dr Marcin Wrzos

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