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Keywords: Journalism PRL Poland culture rock totalitarianism cultural participation

KMT 2015 nr 2 Download PDF

Artur Mariusz Trudzik

Rock Albums of the '80s – the Medium in the Fight Against the Regime of PRL (the Study of Music Journalism)

Cite: Artur Mariusz Trudzik, Albumy rockowe z lat 80. – medium w walce z reżimem PRL-u (studium z dziennikarstwa muzycznego), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2015( 21) nr 2, s. 53-87.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.21.4

his article concerns new sub-discipline of science media, ie. music and media journalism. Its primary purpose is to analyze texts forming rock artists in the 80s, and for the fight against the regime of PRL, totalitarianism, slavery societies and individuals by the Communist system. Another equally important aspect, especially in the perspective of music media studies, is systematization of Polish rock in the decade of 80, which – contrary to popular belief - was not a uniform phenomenon. As a result of review of these two issues, we were able to establish a very interesting implication (broader: the socio-political context), namely the relationship between the intensity and the forms of contestation of socialism and then authorities (including power in genere) by representatives of the various strands of rock and typology established intra-musical.

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Dr Artur Mariusz Trudzik

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Zakład Mediów i Komunikowania, Wydział Filologiczny, al. Piastów 40 B, 71-065 Szczecin

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