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Keywords: axiology audiovisualness media image of reality

KMT 2020 nr 4 Download PDF

Axiology of audiovisualness (part 1). Considerations of theoreticians and practitioners during the seminar at the Institute of Journalism, Media and Social Communication Jagiellonian University (15/03/2019)

Cite: , Aksjologia audiowizualności (cz. 1). Rozważania teoretyków i praktyków podczas seminarium w Instytucie Dziennikarstwa, Mediów i Komunikacji Społecznej Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego (15.03.2019), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2020( 43) nr 4, s. 102-137.

DOI: 10.21697/kmt.43.6

The following text is a report from a scientific seminar that took place at the Jagiellonian University. It touched upon themes of values that are transmitted in the media, films, literature, language and broadly understood art. In addition to presenting the papers, there was also a presentation of discussions that took place between each speech.

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Mateusz Flont

ORCID: 0000-0003-1509-4815


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