Keywords: spirituality philosophy reklama cultural participation postmodernism Poland Language analysis culture sacrum profanum secular area holy area symbolics word marketing interpretation dialogue discourse dialogue literature poetry

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Bogusława Bodzioch-Bryła

“- There are signs in the sky / - Yes, almost the same space”. S@crum in the new postmodern Polish literature

Cite: Bogusława Bodzioch-Bryła, „– Są znaki na niebie/ – Tak, prawie same spacje”. S@crum ponowoczesne w najnowszej literaturze polskiej, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2016( 26) nr 6, s. 25-51.

The author wants to show it would be a substantial simplification to say that in the contemporary culture we are facing the end of the dialogue with transcendence. Such a dialog is still taking place although different are the ways of its presentation in the texts of culture. The cited works sketch an interesting feature of contemporary culture in which the semantics of the term sacrum has come full circle, starting to mean according to the former etymology and the meaning scope encompassing both what is sacred and what is labeled as impious (cursed, profanum ). The observed phenomenon may be regarded as a form of deliberate scandalisation performed by means of offering the recipient a type of message and means of expression striking at a certain social taboo.


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