Keywords: spirituality Family community catechesis Social doctrine God identity morality Vatican word children attitude religion psychology children young people relativism masculinity education communication communicative intention dialogue woman love dialogue Bible conflict authority Absolute responsibility

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Jacek Śliwak

Religiosity and communication in marriage

Cite: Jacek Śliwak, Religijność a komunikacja w małżeństwie, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 30) nr 7, s. 184-209.

This paper concerns religiosity in reference to communication in marriage. The notion of religiosity was described with reference to the Multifunctional Model of Religiosity C-15. Communication in marriage was considered in the light of the structure proposed by Kaźmierczak and Plopa, what was operationalised in The Questionnaire of Communication in Marriage. 100 married people (50 women and 50 men) participated in the survey. The main hypothesis is that there is statistically significant correlation between central location of religiosity in the cognitive structure of personality and positive communication in marriage. The survey's results allowed to partially confirm the hypotheses.


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