Keywords: university word freedom of speech communicative intention intellectual property law law discourse science

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Różni autorzy

Disappearance of Words in Science

Cite: Różni autorzy , Zabieranie słowa w nauce, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2015( 22) nr 6, s. 53-65.

The article deals with excessive interference in a scholarly text. We analysed the reasons and explanations provided by critics to justify this interference, which we found unconvincing. The costs of standardising or simplifying a text against the author`s wishes are so high that it is worthwhile to oppose this tendency by adopting a different approach to a scholarly text. The role of a text is to provoke reflection, offer an opportunity for dialogue, present the author`s thoughts in a form he or she has chosen, however clumsy it might be, as long as it is stylistically and grammatically correct.


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