Keywords: theology of media media science church radio television Visual media picture

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Grzegorz Łęcicki

Theology of audio-visual media as a challenge to the twenty-first century

Cite: Grzegorz Łęcicki, Teologia mediów audiowizualnych jako wyzwanie XXI wieku, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2012( 10) nr 3, s. 8-17.

Analysis of current cultural situation characterized by domination of visual civilization. Presentation of specificity of media theology within context of earthly realities theology and practical theology: pastoral and catechesis. An attempt to develop methodology, tasks, purposes and fields of research of audiovisual media theology as a field of social communication means theology. A postulate to qualify media theology as a sub-discipline of knowledge about media and include it into humanistic field of study.


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