Keywords: media science media education cultural participation identity identity media theory attitude

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Dariusz Poleszak, Daria Maciołek

Mass media as a tool of education to create attitudes and constructive forms of behavior among young people

Cite: Dariusz Poleszak, Daria Maciołek, Środki masowego przekazu jako narzędzie edukacji w drodze do kształtowania postaw i konstruktywnych form zachowania wśród młodzieży, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 12) nr 1, s. 23-32.

The modern world is in a constant, dynamic change. Globalization, advances in scientific - technical, social change, the ubiquity of mass media with the advent of the new forms are just some of the directions of change. The world can be regarded as a system of connected vessels, and hence also the education is faced with certain problems, can not see them. The twentieth and twenty-first century is the rapid and dynamic development of the mass media, which not only became an integral part of contemporary reality, but are increasingly trying to create it. This in turn leads to changes in the broad field of intellectual and social or emotional. Modern media play a major role in the modern world - both in the lives of individuals and society as a whole.


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