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Maciej Szczepaniak

Radio broadcast of Holy Mass from the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin.

Cite: Maciej Szczepaniak, Radiowa transmisja mszy św. z Kongresu Eucharystycznego w Dublinie. Przełom w recepcji transmisji radiowych w praktyce eklezjalnej, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2012( 9) nr 2, s. 8-19.

The pope Pius XI who had previously opposed service broadcasting via mass media, for the first time listened to Holy Mass on the radio in 1932 during the International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. On that occasion the pope addressed the participants of the congress with a message, which was a clear sign of the new attitude towards using radio waves in the Evangelization. The Mass broadcast from Dublin fully deserves to be called the event which changed the previous Holy See’s approach to service broadcast on the radio. In his message Pius IX called himself “a participant” of the congress.


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