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Marcin Wrzos OMI

Foreign apostolic journeys of Pope Francis on the most important national news websites (2013-2014)

Cite: Marcin Wrzos OMI, Zagraniczne podróże apostolskie papieża Franciszka w najważniejszych krajowych portalach internetowych (lata 2013-2014), "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 28) nr 7, s. 109-139.

The Catholic Church, in its activity, has been using media. At first magazines, radio, television and finally the Internet. The last medium mentioned has been quite successfully displacing the previous ones and is becoming a platform to communicate ideas and thoughts. In the undertaken research some leading Polish news websites were analysed (,,,, and in the aspect of publishing news coverage of the first six foreign apostolic journeys of Pope Francis. Number, quality, type, period and time of publications were examined. Pastoral conclusions were also drawn.


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