Keywords: Forgiveness Conciliation patriotic education communication culturalism ethnicity dialogue the Other the Stranger conflict

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Ewa Szczecińska-Musielak

Dialogue method of Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue as a way of understanding the Stranger in ethnic and cross-cultural relations in contemporary European societies.

Cite: Ewa Szczecińska-Musielak, Metoda dialogowa Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue jako sposób na przezwyciężanie obcości w relacjach etnicznych i międzykulturowych we współczesnych społeczeństwach europejskich, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2016( 24) nr 6, s. 9-21.

The following paper article is divided into two parts: the first one presents anthropological and sociological theories of the Other and the Stranger, also social and cultural aspects of cross-cultural relations. The second one presents the dialogue method created by facilitators from Norwegian organization Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue, that is being used as a method of reconciliation in cross-cultural and ethnic conflicts.


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