Keywords: theology of media church radio identity sacrum identity

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Emilia Dudkiewicz

Sacral music promotion and  liturgical education as heard on the Warsaw Radio

Cite: Emilia Dudkiewicz, Promocja muzyki sakralnej w kontekście wychowania liturgicznego na przykładzie audycji emitowanych na antenie Radia Warszawa, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2012( 10) nr 3, s. 46-58.

Consumerism influences on the crisis of culture and blurring the boundaries between sacrum and profanum. In media, shows reduce high culture and are responsible for our preferences. Moreover, they desacralize liturgical music making the liturgy more ‘attractive or trendy’. Catolic media, such as the Warsaw Radio play the key role in promoting sacral music.


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