Keywords: media science media education information internet Media literacy Image identity new media marketing young people manipulation social media disinformation digital exclusion cyberbullying ethics rumour trolling counseling

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Małgorzata Kowalewska

Youth in the online counseling - manipulation of information

Cite: Małgorzata Kowalewska, Młodzież w przestrzeni poradnictwa internetowego – manipulacja informacją, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 14) nr 3, s. 80-94.

The ability to use the resources of the Internet, accessibility and anonymity contribute to the development of referral services on the net. Youth, instead of authority, look into cyberspace for answers to difficult, intimate or controversial issues, regardless of the reliability of the source. A key issue for this phenomenon appears to be manipulation of information, the source of which include: business advertising needs; paid SEO content; amateur submitted information, often containing unprofessional or dangerous content. Nonetheless, adolescents often with little thought treat cyberspace as one of the main sources of knowledge about the world.


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