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Tomasz Knecht

Millenials and their „tele-visions”. Genesis and construction of a research programme.

Cite: Tomasz Knecht, Millenialsi i ich „tele-wizje”. Geneza i konstrukcja programu badawczego, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2017( 30) nr 7, s. 151-160.

The article forms a presentation of a preparation to conduct a research project, titled “Traditional, On-line And Social Television As A Tool For Generation Y Education”. An entry point to research on broadly-understood TV consumption among Millenials has been shown. The theoretical part covers contemporary mass communication in relation to media education. Part two is a presentation of a research tool, i.e. a survey constructed during the course of a project on TV reception forms by the Generation Y. It also shows its progression among the Journalism students of Cardinal Wyszyński University and Warsaw University. The key survey results justify construction of follow-up questions related with needs, motivation, expectations and habits of Millenials.


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