Keywords: evangelization media education information press radio television Media literacy Family community identity children psychology children young people education communication

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Dariusz Henryk Pater

Contemporary Media and Relationships in a Family

Cite: Dariusz Henryk Pater, Współczesne media a relacje w rodzinie, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2015( 21) nr 2, s. 23-38.

The media has spread deeply in to our social lives. Observing daily life shows how powerful the media can be. They can overcome age barriers, determine the level and character of life, be the medium of information, entertain, teach and change – even the world of values which has been formed over centuries. It is the media that has significantly changed the perception of a family, church and school; that is why it is necessary to engage the media to evangelization and pastoral work of families and youth. The invasive character of media requires analysis of many notions, thoughts and trials of their „implementation” into the teachings of the Church so that we will not be accused of nonfeasance in the future.


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