Keywords: church press Journalism Poland word religion manipulation disinformation ethics modernism relativism rumour freedom of speech

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Barbara Stanisławczyk

The media as the forum of the ideological attack of liberal leftists on catholic Church

Cite: Barbara Stanisławczyk, Prasa jako forum ideologicznego ataku liberalnej lewicy na Kościół katolicki , "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 15) nr 4, s. 92-109.

The issue of the article is a conflict between liberal leftists and the catholic Church, ongoing in Poland since 1989. The media are right in the middle at this clash, not only as the forum of the dispute but also as a party to the conflict. The dispute is a part of a wider phenomenon, called the “culture war” by George Weigel and the “war of civilization” by others. We can see the battle of values in all Western World; will it refer to God, family, nation or will it make a man the sovereign and admit him the absolute freedom, thereby creating a new “laic religion”. Who will be the winner of this confrontation?


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