Keywords: media education clergy Media literacy community identity children psychology children young people manipulation education salesians

KMT 2013 nr 4

Dorota Sys

Usage of the preventive system’s postulates in media literacy education with particularly considered problems of manipulation

Cite: Dorota Sys, Wykorzystanie założeń wychowawczego systemu prewencyjnego św. Jana Bosko w edukacji medialnej ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem problemu manipulacji, "Kultura - Media - Teologia", 2013( 15) nr 4, s. 35-48.

The problem of media manipulation implicates a search for the methods, techniques and means which may be facilitative for young man to minimize its negative influence. The use of the basic preventive system’s postulates as “preclusion” – informing about the existing peril, techniques of manipulation or “attendance” – the presence of an adult while media are used be a child may be an appropriate vehicle of protection from manipulation and its results.


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